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Peter García leets

Founder / Web Specialist

I truly believe that everyone has something amazing to offer in this world and that we all can become the best version of ourselves. Having the opportunity to not only help companies grow with our skills, but also share knowledge with great professionals (designers, marketers, etc.) is what drives me professionally.

On a personal level, I’m a huge soccer fan (Hala Madrid) and I love to play the sport too. I have a great passion for music so I enjoy playing the piano, I like being in shape so I exercise frequently and I love cooking and eating as healthy as possible.

Fer Granados

Owner / Co-Founder

Being constantly connected with my artistic side is what allows me to reach high levels of creativity to communicate in design. I love to vectorize in illustrator, the composition between image and text, and art direction in general.

Besides being a graphic designer, I am a singer and I like to play the piano and guitar. I also enjoy a lot playing video games, painting, and gardening. I like to be connected with everything, from the digital to the most natural.

I have a huge love and respect for our planet.

Linda Aguilar

Art Director

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be “creator.” I find freedom and joy in the whole creative process. I’m always trying to create something new that helps me to express my art.

Outside UNiO i’m pretty much the same. I enjoy looking for inspiration on aesthetically pleasing things. Photography is my passion. Baking and cooking are my safe places. And I’m always talking about hamsters and Taylor Swift.

“Design, for me, is a way out of confusion. Because great design simplifies a very complicated world.” – Platon, Photographer.

Mario Estrada

Graphic Designer

The essence of success is in the passion and the small details we have to make every task. Every project is not just a project, it’s a challenge to offer creative solutions to people who trust us. I love team work because I truly believe in the collective strength idea or the work division to achieve success or be more efficient.

Im curious, I love discovering and learning about new tools that boost my work to a new level and increase my work productivity since my main goal in each project is to be proud when finishing it. Im a fan of dogs because I believe they are the man’s best friends and an almost unlimited source of happiness.